I am your Shadow

You pretend you don’t need me
deep down in your heart, you know I complete you.

I can let go of you for your happiness
only if you promise you will smile every moment of it.

We tried this road before
emptiness took the better of you.

You call me selfish
you don’t realize I become one, only for us.

call me any name now,
I shall be your shadow forever.


Mr. Right


Photo by Anne Edgar on Unsplash

She was young and fool
he arrived and ruled.

Then the day came,
he broke her heart
things were rough
she needed a start.

Now, she was mature and clever
his chivalry touched her soul
she made one more endeavor.

She started enjoying the rain again
little did she know
headed her way was a big ocean full of pain.

Arrogant, callous, shallow were her names now
until Mr. Right entered in her world of havoc
she was stubborn at first
his passion woke up her thirst

Every night before she falls asleep
‘one has to go through a series of wrong souls
before he or she meets the perfect one,’ she would remind her daughter.

Life and Pain




Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash


Life is beautiful and yet incomplete if there is no pain in it.

Only hard times can make you feel more human inside.

Life is not permanent as death is always around sniffing at you.

Savor the afflictions as you might not wake up tomorrow.

Life is smooth but few bumps in the journey are more enjoyable than the ultimate destination.

When you feel you have gone through the worst times, more failures are in the store to surprise you.

Agony, torture, dismay, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction is all synonyms of one beautiful life.

Embrace it, don’t escape it!





Life Is Beautiful




Photo by Eva Dang on Unsplash

Life is not—

Worrying about expectations of others from you
going with the flow
pretending to be someone else
a game, a play
someone else’s story.

Life is—

Fulfilling your own expectations
reaching out for your dreams and passions
being honest with yourself
only one opportunity, make it count.

It’s your only story!





Photo by Nitish Meena on Unsplash

Stay away from fights,
It will make you a villain.
Stay away from dominant lovers,
You will lose your charm.
Stay away from discussions,
It will get personal.
Stay away from repeating same mistakes,
They will call you mad.
Stay away from liquor,
You will become dependent.
Stay away from love,
It will become your weakness.
Stay away from obsession,
It will change your personality.
People will die one day or they will learn to live without you
You came alone in this world and you shall die the same way
So, look for the happiness in the solitude.

So Long!


Photo by Moritz Dorn on Unsplash

It has been some days since I have given up on you,

I would be lying piece of shit if I said I didn’t miss you.

Never thought I would ever gain the strength to leave you,

It was not planned coz I usually suck at it.

To be true, it was just one of those awkward mornings when a fellow couldn’t just stand in front of the mirror without being looked as weak

Have to get past it by hook or crook, I said to myself.

All this time, you had the better of me,

Maybe you smelled the weakness in me when you entered my world of havoc

Would it be wrong to compare you with a narcissistic communist leader who preys on feeble souls to rule on them?
If it is then I don’t need to take the name of the monster that you have become in my life.

But still why every fiber in my body is asking me, not to get rid of you.

What did you do to me?

Why can’t I just look away from you?

No time for emotions, I thought in my mind

Let’s just confront each other to make it look like a mutual agreement, “again I said to myself.”

Look it Ain’t easy,

I know you have been with me for a while now, helped me deal with the stress and everything.

But we can’t keep doing it.

So I am just gonna light you up on fire for one last time and savor every puff that I can suck out of you.

I am going to miss you.

So long, Cigarette!



The Heart Burns

dahiana-candelo-36591-unsplash.jpgDid it hurt?
Did it hurt too much?
I know the feeling coz I have been through the pain
The heart burns
Yeah, it does
You will know

Did you ever see
How much it meant to me
More than anything
But I kept pretending
Like I’m a king
My heart burns
Day and night
Yeah, it does
You will know

Did you ever feel?
Emotions in my touch
Freshness in my love
Those walks in the rain
When you weren’t around
My heart burns
One day…
One day…
You will know

Too much burning
It’s on fire
Can you see it?
One day…
One day…
You will know
When I’m not around

My heart burns
Yeah, it does….

Gravity is a bliss.



Photo by Natalie Collins on Unsplash

He was sitting beneath a tree,
“You’re not Newton,” she smiled.
Amazed, surprised, enchanted he became looking upon her beauty.
“I’m most definitely not” he stammered,
“Too bad, coz I like the apples,” she said and turned around.
Looking at her walk out of there puts the gentleman in despair,
At this moment, a big round shape fruit falls on him
He runs in the woman’s direction with a bump on his head.
“I like the apples too,” he winked
“And what about me?” she whispered.


Where has it gone?



Photo by Daiwei Lu on Unsplash

Could you touch me?
Like you used to
It was instinctive
The one with the fire
Where has it gone?


Could you see me?
Without looking at me
Like the old times
We had the perfect connection
Where has it gone?

Could you hear me?
Without listening to me
It wasn’t the sign language
We were naturals
Where has it gone?

Could you love me?
Through the eyes
Even in the dark
We waited for the nights

Could you understand?
Could you?
Where have you gone?
I’m still here waiting for the old times
Where has it gone?

The Evils of Socializing



Photo by Adam Przewoski on Unsplash


I became too hooked into writing a novel;
that I have forgotten all about how to open a bottle.
With each passing day, the meaning of socialization made less sense;
the pleasure of being possessed by various characters within me was immense.

Various personalities gave me unlimited options;
One day I would choose to act like the protagonist,
the rest of them made me antagonist.
The day before yesterday I went out for a couple of drinks;
I convinced a beautiful creature with the mask of pretense
that lady; the innocent soul trembled by the little suspense.
It’s the fear beneath you which draws you crazy, she pointed,
Adamant I was like a struggling writer, made the woman feel disappointed.

Here I was protesting about the evils of the social gathering
a little voice from deep inside me laughed, “isn’t your expedition from the other day convinced you to write this piece.”